Tilting drum blender

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Drum blender

Tilting drum blender MIXOMAT C
Tilting drum blender

for 100 to 400 litres drums

Drum mixer MIXOMAT C-HE, lifted

Tilting drum blender MIXOMAT C-HE, lifted

Drum mixer MIXOMAT C-HE

Tilting drum blender MIXOMAT C-HE

Rotary drum mixer

MIXOMAT drum-tumbler

Rotary drum mixer

This drum blender may be delivered with the following features:

  • tilting housing (type C-SE, housing open at the bottom, not suitable for clean rooms) or tilting shaft (type C-HE, sealed housing, suitable for clean rooms)
  • 3 blender sizes for load capacities of 100, 200 or 400 kg (type C-SE)
  • 2 blender sizes for load capacities of 200 or 400 kg (type C-HE)
  • second holder available on MIXOMAT type C-SE
  • stainless steel versions
  • customised executions available
  • various support systems for containers supplied by the customer
  • adapter system for various container sizes
  • 2 standard control units available (for the type C-SE):
    - ecoline: 4 pusch-buttons for starting, stopping, lifting and lowering
    - comfortseries: Siemens SPS S7-1200 with 4" touchscreen, time setting and speed regulation (up to 20 combinations of the two parameters can be saved as recipes)
  • large range of accessories
  • ATEX executions for 2/22 or 1/21 zones

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