Drum equipment

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Drum equipment

symmetric hopper
Symmetric drum hopper
drum handle
Drum handle
drum trolley
Drum trolley
valve system
Butterfly Valve system CO.RA.®

Drum hoppers symmetrical, without valve

  • Material thickness: 1,5 mm
  • Default angle: 60°
  • Material: stainless steel 4VA
  • Surface: brushed (Ra <= 1.2µm) (optional: electro-polished)


  • From 30 litres, 2 handles are welded
  • Standard version: handle on plate sanitary welded on the drum jacket
  • Different handle options on request

Drum trolleys

  • Base made of 1.4301
  • With 5 castor rollers (stainless steel housings, wheels Ø80 polyamide)
  • 2 of them with brakeCentral run-off holes Ø20 mm
  • Surface: brushed (Ra <= 1.2µm) (optional: electro-polished, ATEX version, rollers are also available in electrically conductive design)

CO.RA.® Butterfly valve systems

  • Material: stainless steel V4A/AISI 316L

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